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In most homes and situations there is the hallway that if the parent uses a walking

aid or especially if you are assisting them walk the hallway is too narrow. Railings

are a very helpful aid but you need to tailor to the need. Railings on one side are

helpful if they always go in one direction… you may notice your parent has a

dominant side when they walk and always like to hold on to object with say their

right hand. So having railings on both sides of the hallway are helpful for self-

ambulatory parents. Railings are also helpful if they use a walking aid, as the railing

is a solid assistant when they feel a little light headed or a sudden weakness occurs.

If they have a walking device railings can also help be a bumper to keep them from

bumping into the wall. It is expensive to buy Nursing Home or Hospital quality

hand/wall railings.

There are many options for a handrail and again, if this need is for a limited time you

may want to have railing mounting that will not permanently damage and be easy to

repair your walls. We have a few designs in our “build your own” section that are

cost effective and very sturdy.

The hallways often times have seams in doorways or lose carpet. Make sure the

flooring material is smooth and no humps or lose material that can catch on the

walking aid or feet. Also if small children are around making sure that toys are not

left on the floor is important.