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Vehicle Safety

When transporting parents you will have to consider a few issues with the vehicle. Does the door open wide and have hand support areas easily accessible? Is the seat height at the right level to make entering and exiting easy and convenient? Is there a…

Living Room Safety

Seating A parent's chair will be used frequently and for long periods of time. Therefore, it is essential that it fits them comfortably and securely. If your parent is short in stature you will need to look at the depth of the seat and make…

Hallways & Entrances

In most homes and situations there are hallways that are too narrow for individuals who use a walking aid, or who need your assistance to walk. Railings are a very helpful aid, but you need to tailor them to the need. Railings on one side…

Bedroom Preparation

The two functions of the bedroom are sleeping and dressing. As simple as these functions are, there is much to consider in making them safe and convenient. A dressing area needs to have space for getting dressed. The more movement limitations your parent has, the…

Bathroom Preparation

Bathroom doorknob vs. lever: the first consideration in safety is the ease of the elderly parent getting in and out of any room, and using a lever vs. a knob to open the door is one small but very important change you can make. It’s…
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