Welcome to Bringing Parents Home. We are here to help you with the transition of bringing your elderly parents into your home.
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This website is a resource for preparing, executing and enjoying a successful experience for both the parent and caregiver.  The goal of BPH is to help set the proper expectations and provide information on products, needs and support issues, and to help prepare the caregiver along with the home environment for the safety and enjoyment of the parent.  You may feel you are being very helpful in opening up your home, and it may sound comforting and safe to be invited to live with one of your children. But it will be a complete role reversal. The parent is no longer the advisor, caregiver or backup support, but they are instead in need of support and the stress of leaving a home they have lived in for years can be a very scary and lonely situation. You have to be sensitive to the disruption in both lives. The companionship and the support they have known for most of their life is changing. We all would like to think we are invincible, but the fact is that with age comes a change of body, mind and heart. The more aware your parent is of this change, the more stressful. So providing a safe and comfortable environment will do a lot to help ease the stress of the change. Mentally, there is much to be prepared for. Physically there is much to do to provide a safe and convenient home. Ideally, the time to prepare is months before moving a parent in. However, frequently the situation presents itself much faster than one would like. In times like these we encourage you to view our website to pick up on the small things you can do immediately to help make the situation as comfortable as possible for both you and your parent. We will look at all the aspects of caregiving for your parent, as well as what you can do to provide an environment that is adapted to the varying needs of the elderly parent.

Every situation is unique, but there are a lot of similarities that can help improve the condition and satisfaction of caring for and being cared for. Please help us help you. We would like to receive your feedback on your situation and any ideas you might have to improve or add to our information are eagerly accepted.

Medical information – We will not try in any way to circumvent proper medical care and health care providers. We will endeavor to provide information on the various physical and mental conditions that are so commonly presented in the elderly. The information presented is for educational purposes only and we encourage you to consult proper medical personnel to provide the best care possible.


Among our contributors, we have a range of seasoned professionals to navigate your way through this time.


Dr Patrick Fitzgerald  MD  internal medicine

Joan Shelley NP- Geritatric NP

Jessica Bunderson  LMT and lymphedema

Jared Curtis-  Dentist

Barb Able- nutritionist