Welcome to Bringing Parents Home. We are here to help you with the transition of bringing your elderly parents into your home.
A resource for caregivers & families

The decision to bring parents into your home can be rewarding and stressful for both you and your parents.

This website is a resource for preparing, executing and enjoying a successful experience for both the parent and caregiver.

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Ask the Vet

Dr. Beltz Q & A coming soon.

The value of pets for our elders

The human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial dynamic relationship between people and their pets that positively influences the health and…

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Caregiver Preparation

Depending on the condition of your parent, you may be able to leave for work as you normally do or you…

Parent Expectations

Your parent will be losing the home and freedom they have enjoyed all their life.  Most likely, in the past…

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Cataracts in Aging Adults

Falling is one of the top problems with older adults.  If there are injuries when they fall, the recovery can…

Dental Care

How do I care for my parent’s dentures? Dentures need continual care to get the longest, most comfortable fit. Dentures…

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Vehicle Safety

When transporting parents you will have to consider a few issues with the vehicle. Does the door open wide and…

Living Room Safety

Seating A parent's chair will be used frequently and for long periods of time. Therefore, it is essential that it…

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An iPad for Grandma

With today’s technology and electronic devices (iPads, tablets, smart phones), there is no reason for any aging parent to be…

uReach Side Table

The Easy Reach Side Table makes storage and retrieval easy and convenient. You are able to sit in your favorite…